Everyone receives e-newsletters. Some are read, a lot are deleted and some cause
the recipient to un-subscribe.

A well-crafted newsletter not only gets opened and read, but encourages recipients to learn more about your product or service by following links to your website or making contact with you. And contact often results in sales.

At Express Newsletters, we:
  • Create templates that reinforce your brand with fonts, colours, your logo and more
  • Create links to your website and make sure your contact information is easily accessible
  • Populate your template with articles and information
  • Source images that highlight the content of your articles and get attention
  • Manage your address list(s)
  • Write and/or edit content
  • Link to your social media accounts for even more exposure
  • Provide reports that measure your opens and click-throughs

Could your business benefit from this effective and inexpensive marketing tool?

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